Comfortable Face Mask

How to make face masks and coverings more comfortable

Last month, face coverings in the UK were made compulsory when using public transport and soon it will be essential to wear them when out shopping and in supermarkets too. For many people, face masks are a new concept; unless you work in a hospital or have travelled to a particularly polluted country; you might not have experienced wearing one before. So you might find that wearing them on a daily basis is a little difficult to get used to.

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Face Mask Guide England

New guidance on face coverings in England released

Last month, the UK government announced that face masks or coverings would be mandatory in enclosed public places, such as in shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, post offices and on public transport. However, these new guidelines have led to confusion amongst the general public, with many people still not sure about when or where a face mask is mandatory, and what the consequences are if you are found not wearing one. The government have been criticised for their unclear, untimely messaging, which now has many people second guessing what is compliant and what is not.

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